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That’s great!


What are you so afraid of!?

I’m REALLY sorry but it looks like they’re about to rap battle
Great News!

I am the VP of my Culinary Arts program. I am one step closer to my dreams of being a business owner or chef! I was so excited! I run every catering, breakfast express, & fundraising job we have next year! I’m going after secretary, too. 😈 now it’s not official until may 16th, our banquet, but it is set in stone. I’m so excited that I have this opportunity! Opens up more doors for me.
I let one bad part of my life go, & it got replaced with a better opportunity. I think God is making me busier, so i can get my priorities straight. I don’t have much support right now. but I believe I can do it! With God, all things are possible.


"Ballin in New York like a Mother F*ckin Knick" - Young Thug #CamKirkPhotography 

too often we leave things up to chance.

"Maybe he’ll be better next time."
“Maybe if I stay, he’ll give me the what I crave, eventually.”

rarely, do we accept people at their worst. & that is our worst downfall.
we try to mold them. & ignore the things about them that may tear you two apart.
ignore the obvious signs in hopes that it’ll go away.

we get used to the arms we lay in, the voice we hear, or the lips we own. & we lose the energy to leave when we know our time is up. i couldn’t tell you why that is. but i can tell you how hard it could be…

it’s time to go… when you can see you’re no longer theirs. when they prove how little you are to them. when you’re no longer equal. when you find yourself feeling alone after time. these signs shouldn’t be ignored or taken lightly.

if you have to fight or work for their 20%, there is always someone waiting to give you 50%. Patience is key. Nothing wrong with getting to know yourself, figuring out what you want, etc. cause you know what you’re looking for… & keeps you from getting the same type of partner over & over, that gives you the same blues over & over.

I like this, too.